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Friday, July 13, 2007

Make Money with Adsense The Basics

Make Money with Adsense The Basics
By: Darren Yates

Adsense is probably one of the quickest and most powerful roots to website profits with the easy implementation of a simple snippet of code. If used properly it can generate a great passive income for any site. But that's the crux if you're not placing the right Adsense code in the right style and in the right position on your pages then you're actually loosing money.

Apart from the ease of implementation the results you can achieve are fast and they can also be surprising and exciting.

The first thing to do when considering Adsense is to research your keywords. Research your market if you're adding Adsense to an existing site or explore niche markets if this is a new site. Examine keywords and keyphrases from the market that get the most searches on the search engines. There are a number of sites and software tools that will allow you to do this some of them even giving you the click costs, essentially how much you will make per click on an ad.

Select say 10 keywords or keyphrases and then consider your site content or for best results create new content. Unique and keyword rich articles related to your site theme work well. Use your 10 keywords to choose an article theme and then create an article for each keyword. Aim to have around 3% keyword density for each article. Keyword density is the number of times your keyword appears in relation to the number of over all words in the article.

Be sure to make your article informative and grammatically correct. Badly written articles, focused on SEO only, will do you no favours and often turn visitors away and maybe pop up on the search engine radar, which could mean a slip in your site rankings. Think long term here. There is no reason that, once set up, your Adsense site wouldn't continue to bring in a passive growing income for years to come.

Once you have your articles build your site.

Now before you insert the ad code you should consider two things, the styling of the ads and the positioning. The styling is possibly the most important. A badly styled ad in the perfect position on your page will get a poorer click through rate than a well-styled ad in the same position.

The best click through rates, when it comes to styling, have been proven to come from removing the ad borders and setting the background colour to match your page background colour. Essentially blending the ads into the page and getting them to look like part of the page content. You should also have the colour of the links on your page match those of the ads.

Next consider the positioning of your ads. Place your ads where site visitors are most likely to click on them. Research shows that the top left of the page is the first spot to draw the eye and in turn get the most clicks. The new format 'Ad Links' work well here. The other hotspot is directly within the body of your content. The square formatted ads at the top right of your body copy work best here.

The correct styling and positioning of your ads is crucial for better click throughs and higher payouts.

You will get clicks on your ads almost no matter where you place them if you have enough site traffic. But styling and positioning them properly from the start can triple or more your click through rates.

Adsense has good tracking statistics that allow publishers to track their results across a number of sites on a site-by-site, page-by-page basis. You should make the most of this facility to learn which ads are performing the best and fine-tune them accordingly to improve your results.

Finally, you have the option to use image ads instead of text only. But, the average Net user is sophisticated enough now to ignore image based ads. They're now almost universally blocked subconciously by Net users as advertising. Stick to text ads only. Be sure this is set in your account you can do this in 'My Account'.

To really start making money with Adsense, you should have a definite focus on what you want to achieve and how you will go about achieving it. Set income goals day by day and work to increase your income by tweaking your pages and adding more keyword targeted content.

Consitently improving your site and introducing new content will see your Adsense profits grow.

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Darren Yates is the developer of Ad Injector. Brand new software that places your Adsense code directly into your unique content across hundreds or thousands of pages fast.

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