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Friday, January 11, 2008

TATA NANO - The Cheapest Small Car in the World

Ultimately Ratan Tata, the Tata Group Chairman keeps his promise. On 10th January the Tata small car was unveiled at the Auto Expo. The price of the dream car is only 1 lakh ($2500). This is an important milestone in the car industry. Ratan Tata announced his dream car project at the Geneva Auto Show in 2003. The car makes around the world mocked at the claim for such a cheap price of a small car. But Ratan Taa told in the expo that “A promise is promise” His dream have been realized by the continuous effort of four years by 500 engineers. The car is resemblance to the Volkswagen Beetle. It has two cylinder, 623-CC aluminium engine in the boot. Its length -3.1m, width- 1.5m, height- 1.6m, Power 33 British Horse Power. It has maximum speed of 104 km. The base car is petrol version and fuel consumption is 20 km/litre. The car is expected to roll in the middle or second half of 2008. Later version with extra facility expected to come in the next few years


language123 said...

Nice article I think. Hi friend. Hard working!
Ed wi n Ng uyen

Biceps brachii said...

Just passing by.

Bips said...

Hi Ramen,
Nice that you wrote on Tata Nano.
I too have written on it but from different perspective. Have a look and drop your mind-piece on it.


rns said...

Thank you all for responsing

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